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Abazias Review

Store Description

Founded in 1999 Abazias.com quickly grew to one of the largest online retailers of high quality diamond jewelry and engagement rings. They have a selection of 186,453 diamonds to choose from and their prices are up to 50% lower than most other jewelers.

Abazias is a publicly traded company under the symbol “ORHI”. Abazias has been featured in many magazines and perhaps their biggest publicity was when they were featured on Fox News. You can take a look at the video here.

Store Features

  • 186,453 
  • Publicly Traded Company. 
  • Free Shipping On All U.S Orders.
  • Design Your Own Engagement Ring Feature. 
  • Unbeatable Prices. 
  • 10 Day Money Back Guarantee. 
  • Outstanding Customer Service.
  • Large Selection Of jewelry In a Variety Of Styles.
  • High Quality Jewelry And Certified Diamonds.
  • Bill Me Later Payment Option. (90 days no interest)


Abazias.com has some of the most competitive prices on the internet. We found their prices to be the best out of all the jewelry stores we reviewed. They have a huge selection of jewelry and accessories, they are also a publicly traded company and a market leader. They do a decent job at educating the consumer about diamonds which is very important in our opinion. These are the reasons why Abazias is our number 3 pick.

Visit their website.

We do feel that their 10 day money back guarantee is a bit short compared to most other jewelers that offers 30 days guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Good buying experience, I found that prices were lower than Nile for the same diamond selections. I was nervous about having a diamond shipped to me from an online vendor(didn’t want it lost on the way!), but it arrived fine so there is nothing to worry about, and the lower price is worth it.

– Actual review from ivouch.com

I have been looking for a replacement diamond since my wife lost hers years ago and she replaced it with a cubic sercoina. She said she does not want to lose another one. we have been married for 41 years and she can loose as many as she wants but she deserver a diamond for putting up with me and you guys have the best stock and price i have found thanks Terry

– Actual review from pricegrabber.com

I helped my son purchase a diamond for an engagement ring from Abazias Inc. Needless to say, I was extremely hesitant to make this kind of a purchase online. I couldn’t imagine buying such an expensive item without even laying your eyes on it. However, Abazias went above and beyond with their customer service and never pressured a sale. They were very honest, helpful, and patient with my obsessive way of making a decision, and their pricing was VERY FAIR AND COMPETITIVE! My son and I had done a lot of research on diamonds, so he was looking for just the right one. Simply put…Abazias came through with flying colors. The diamond arrived, with certification, and was exactly what he had been looking for. IT WAS SPECTACULAR! He took it to a certified gemologist and had it appraised. The diamond was everything they said it would be AND MORE!

The only drawback was Abazias allows you only 10 days to have the diamond appraised!

Would I go back to Abazias? Absolutely, without hesitation! It is a business that proved they were trust worthy. And let me say this…I AM A WOMAN THAT IS HARD TO PLEASE, and my son takes after me!”

– Actual review from ivouch.com

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